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andy kohlmann



Andy Kohlmann developed a taste of music which was wilfull and detached from mainstream quite early.

Who already has got the chance to see the guy, grown up in Frankfurt/Oder, in a live session, knows about his extravagance. With him, you will go on a trip to the Orient linked with minimum sounds of hissing snakes and beating lumbers. His live performance provides a diversified listening experience by graceful charm and unstable beats.

In 2008 Andy got to know the boys of the label Lordag. From this moment on the sharp rise of his career could not be stopped. It began with releases on Lordag, followed with releases on Extra-smart and supdub.

At the latest in 2010 with his summer hit to "Küssen" and his Andy Kohlmann remix for Pizeta „Remzelk“, he was represented in the sets of the most announced DJs and therefore in every one's mouth.

The following releases always had this special Andy's Kohlmann rhythms which make it so unique and for each recognizeable. Meanwhile it is possible to find tracks of this rather reticent artist on the labels Lordag, supdub, Zylinder, Kol Mojito, Karateclub & Extrasmart.

Mr. Kohlmanns numerous and varied appearances at various events (Switzerland, Berlin Arena, Boogie 300 Open Air) always pull a mixed and manifold audience. Nothing is more important to him than fire up the sympathizer of his music in the clubs.

Andy Kohlmann puts his focus in 2013 on success. He will win much more „Kohlman-Lovers“ by other upcomming releases. But no worry, we have not afford his live gigs!

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Rene Bourgeois & Andy Kohlmann Desolat (Bruno Pronsato & Philip Bader)

Rene Bourgeois & andy kohlmann

Desolat (Bruno Pronsato & Philip Bader)

VÖ-Datum: 23.07.2014
Label: rennbahn
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