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alfred heinrichs



When Alfred Heinrichs, born in East Berlin, bought his first record (DJ Rok) in 1992 at the Hardwax store, he knew immediately that he just discovered his destiny. Infected by the revolutionary optimism of the Techno-punk movement of the 90s, he quickly found his way from demo tapes to the turntables in the clubs of Berlin. Just turned twenty, Alfred Heinrichs explored his talent to produce his own electronic music and released his first record in 1997 under his first pseudonym on dns records.

Open, vivid and a little crazy – this is how you can describe the personality of the label owner of supdub, supdub digitales and moonplay the best. All of that can easily be found in his productions. He is fascinated and inspired by a wide spectrum of sounds. Unique and beautiful compositions with great attention to detail are created. He likes to impress his fans with sensitivity, refined rhythms and integrated sound gimmicks.

In 2003 he founded “Heinrichs und Hirtenfellner” and created with his DJ mate “Simply the beat from the street”, a great success, locally and worldwide. But not only his long experience as producer attracted attention. With his musical sensitivity he was able to create a unique sound experience in his DJ sets. That’s his challenge and specialty at the same time.

Alfred Heinrichs produced his first album together with Jördys Brankatsch (voice) and Klixi (guitar/ piano) in the year of 2011, called “All Inclusive“. The single release “When I sleep” as well as the whole album succeeded and enjoy great popularity.

After various remixes in 2011, Alfred Heinrichs decided to produce another album in the beginning of 2012. Just this time in collaboration with Martin Books. Together they released the album called “Hey Mate…” in the middle of May.

Over the summer the EP’s “Longdrink” and “Miami” became true club classics. Alfred Heinrichs published his current production on Moonplay Records (subordinated label of Supdub) in September 2012. The EP “Overkill” achieved the 3th position in the minimal Beatport charts within only five days after its release. Further it was already played on multiple radio stations (e.g. Flux FM & Sunshine Live).

Still Alfred Heinrichs hasn’t had enough yet and is currently working on his second album called “Lenz” together with Sascha Braemer aka Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner. It’s expected to be released by the start of the next year. A little appetizer is presented with the EP “Sad Sunday” (“Trauriger Sonntag”) which will be released in the end of September.

Furthermore Alfred Heinrichs recruited the young lady Viviana Alvarez who is blessed with a magnificent voice. She will be part of several developing projects.

Altogether there will be a lot to come and expect from Mr. Heinrichs until the end of the year.