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Alexia K.



The famous Persian Flying Carpet gets a new Story with Alexia K.
If you meet her, then you would never imagine this incredible sound! Your eyes and ears will leave you dazzled by this Iranian, Persian rooted producer and deejane, currently based in Bochum, Germany.

Born in Iran into a musical family, Alexia starts off surrounded by music as she picks up her first keyboard as early as a 4 year old, jingling her dear mother to madness until entering music school at the age of 7. In these early years, she learns to make her own music and is happy to work hard catching that distincted sound she just longs to hear. It does not take long in Alexia’s fresh adolescence that she put’s down her first MK1210 recordplayers on her mother’s Persian carpet at home.

Her enthusiasm for electronic music got sparked by Detroit artists, such as Robert Hood, Derrick May and Juan Atkins. Then again Alexia was greatly influenced by Chris Liebing, Major Rush and Rob Acid... In the last few years Alexia K. developed a techno sound that reveals her love for hard basslines with experimental elements and tweekin Acid.

Her official solo debut release in 2011 “Experimental Circus” went out on the German label Sound Kleckse records. More releases from Alexia K. are on labels as Toyko Techno records, Silverscreen, Techno Pressure and Scarcrow. With great passion for vinyl records Alexia’s exclusive monthly radio show “Vinylliebe” is aired on Strom:kraft radio.

The last year was like a blast for Alexia K.: Gigs on the Mainstages at Kontrast Festival, Fusion Club, Partykumpels, Projekt X and many more and in 2017 at Ruhr in Love for the stages of Fade of Techno and Stereo Club. Now she is a new member of the Techno Rulez! / Acid Wars Crew.

Are you ready for a head banging night with her incredible Sound?