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Alex Raider



Music composer - musician - remixer - arranger - live performer - A&R - producer.
Alex Raider was born in Rome (Italy),in July 1976.Grown under the sonorous influence of “The Dark Side of The Moon” and “Ummagumma” of Pink Floyd,at 9 years old,he starts to play his father’s guitar,a "12-String Eko Ranger”,then he learns to play 5 instruments.Since 1993,he has published many releases on various labels,some successful such as "The Voyager" (2003),Summer 4 (Earth Wind and Fire remix 2004).The various pseudonyms used include: Undo/Redo,The Sound Alchemyst,Groove Sky,Indakob and many more.His name appeared alongside celebrities such as:
- Amanda Lear (Brief Encounter Reloaded album 2010),
- Boy George & Kinky Roland (Amanda lear feat.Deadstar "Someone's Else Eyes" 2010),
- Tina Charles ("Your Love Is My Light" 2012),
- Santos (From Ciociaria With Dub EP 1 and 2),
- Enrico BSJ Ferrari aka Black Legend (Rumba & Bumba,Mariblack,Discomonia,From Ciociaria With Dub 1 and 2,The Voyager)
and many more.
One of his albums ("Dreams Of A Poet"),is officially the soundtrack of the event "Massimo Trosi Prize" festival,2009 edition.
Thanks to a 360-degree music culture,and his twenty-year experience,in 2013 he founded Kaleydo Records.

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Label: Kaleydo Records
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298 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 15.    Seiten: 1 2 3 4... 20