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alex picone



Alex Picone is an Italian DJ and producer, now based in Germany.

Italian-born Alex Picone’s passion for deep analogue-sounding grooves is all consuming. Ever since he was a teenager, his whole life has been devoted to feeling, sharing and shaping hip-rolling house and techno. And, of course, it shows; whether he’s laying it down at top Italian clubs like Flow and il Muretto, or blasting it out in Berlin, where he’s now based, his ego-free approach to DJing attracts true underground party heads in droves.

Alex (aka Alessandro Picone) was born and grew up in Padova, where he started DJing in the mid-90s – when he was just 15 years old. His skills quickly landed him regular slots at La Scala in Padova, and from there he began to organise his own house parties before bagging key residencies at Flow and il Muretto.

In 2004 Alex took his first steps as a producer, hooking up with Kay Sand (Francesco Sperotto) to form Chronic Flakes. Their tracks quickly earned respect from the likes of Alex Neri, who released two Chronic Flakes’ 12”s on Bustin’ Loose in 2005/6, prior to unleashing their groovy, loopy tech-house extravaganza, the Omnadawn EP, complete with a remix by Guido Schneider, on Tenax Recordings in 2007.

Picone was on a roll and, after spending some time in Ibiza, he finally adopted Berlin as his new home, a place from where he had drawn much inspiration. Here he built on an existing relationship with a fellow Italian in Berlin: Lucretio, the label manager of Detroit’s Mixworks. Lucretio had already been sending Alex's output to the mastermind of the Mixworks network, Buzz Goree, which led Alex to release ‘Berlin Dub’ as part of the Persistence EP – Mixworks’ debut release.

He followed this up by returning to Mixworks as Chronic Flakes and releasing ‘Numalbix’, which came out on the Dance Tactics EP (the label’s second project). 2008 furthermore saw Alex release his first full EP as a solo artist, Furby Floppy, on Luciano’s Cadenza Records. This won him nods from both peers and press, and ‘Floppy’ went on to feature on Luciano’s Fabric 41 mix, while the slow-burning ‘Berlin Dub’ was included on Âme’s Fabric 42.

Bringing a warmer, more human feeling to mixing than many of his contemporaries, Alex has now played at such clubs as the aptly named Underground in Ibiza and Fabric in London. As well as at Cadenza showcases around Europe, from Cocoon Club and Watergate in Germany to the buzzing Black Sea Coast of Romania. He also felt firsthand the force of Underground Resistance when he visited the US for the first time to play a couple of sets in Detroit during Movement DEMF 2009.

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alex picone it takes time ep

alex picone

it takes time ep

VÖ-Datum: 25.09.2013
Label: be as one
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Alex Picone Minimal Gets Complex

alex picone

Minimal Gets Complex

VÖ-Datum: 19.08.2013
Label: mus records
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