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Alchemist Project



Alchemist is a group founded in 1999, which includes Radoslaw Rasinski Rasinski and Roland. Radek deal with composing, arranging, programming tools, production and mastering, but also Roland programming instruments, production, mastering, and acts as a DJ. In 2000, the Alchemist created the music for the album to promote the event, "Summer Loveparade - Mielno 2000", and Radek for the second time he won the TOP TLEN'u 2000. The next year, the group began playing live act'y in Polish clubs and promote their music at local radio stations. During this period he recorded a second CD Radek Fri "Crystallization". In 2003, the group of Alchemist productions have appeared in the magazine's DJ Magazine. Later that year, the group teamed up with the duo Minerve, so already in 2004. appeared in three remixes for Minerva, which were placed on CD-Fri "Different Perspectives". In 2005, there has been a big event for Alchemist, since they released their own debut CD, vinyl Fri "City of Angels," which was released by Spanish label Impressive Records

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Alchemist Project featuring Anna Turska Step Your Feet

alchemist project featuring Anna Turska

Step Your Feet

VÖ-Datum: 03.07.2017
Label: Soundz Good
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