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alan fitzpatrick



Buoyed by the whirlwind success he has enjoyed over the past twelve months, Alan Fitzpatrick approaches 2013 secure in the knowledge that he is on the top of his game and brimming with the confidence you would expect from a talent who is recognized globally as one of the most influential artists of the moment. Having enjoyed a rapid ascent through the ranks since his emergence as the new kid on the techno block in the latter half of 2008, Fitzpatrick now holds a high status as a universally respected and in-demand producer and DJ who has succeeded in carving out a recognizable musical niche for himself within the ever-expanding genre of techno. A seemingly unstoppable source of hit music, the momentum Fitzpatrick has generated is due in no small part to the impact his productions have had on DJs and the record buying pubic.
The release of his ‘Life Through Different Eyes’ and ‘Skeksis’ EP’s powerfully demonstrated the range of Fitzpatrick’s inventiveness in the studio and showed there is no end in sight for the insight that inspires him to create universally popular techno records that stand out from the norm. Whether he is adding diva-like vocals to cavernous beat workouts (‘Always Something For Nothing’ / ‘Skeksis’) or fusing emotive chord sequences with his trademark heavy-funk sound (‘For An Endless Night’ / ‘Prometheus’) or showcasing his sound-defining ‘Shadows In The Dark’ album or collaborating with Adam Beyer on the hugely popular ‘Human Reason’ and ‘Memesis’, there is a uniqueness to Alan Fitzpatrick productions that ensures his star remains firmly on the rise.