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Music producer, live act, DJ, label founder, studio owner and mastering engineer Marlon Jürs, known as Accuface since the mid-1990s, is a multi-talented head within the electronic music scene. Started as an artist and live act, he has grown into the diverse challenges of the music industries.
Inspired by early electronic music bands like Depeche Mode, New Order, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb and A Split Second, Marlon made his first musical experience by using a cheap mixer, a small cheap keyboard and two tape decks. In 1994, he created his first own tracks and performed his first live gigs, including a test gig at the legendary "Tunnel" in Hamburg, where the crowd went crazy without knowing any of his tracks. Tunnel Records offered him a record deal, which took Accuface into one line with well-known artists like Timo Maas, Thomas Schumacher and Gary D.
In 1996, Marlon set a first mile stone in trance history: his unique "In the Mix"-Maxi-CD "HIGHTECHFLASH" which included three tracks mixed together in one single track with almost 20 minutes the longest single-track CD worldwide so far. Many releases and numerous live gigs followed (e.g. at Loveparade (Berlin), Open Air Festivals and numerous Club- and Rave-Gigs all over Germany). Well-known tracks from that time were "MILLENIUM BUG", one of the first underground hits based on worldwide MP3 dissemination - and of course "LET YOUR MIND FLY", Marlon's first major-deal with Sony Music, which entered all dance charts in Europe under the alias TUNNEL ALLSTARS PRESENT ACCUFACE. More gigs followed, including a live performance at the world´s largest Club - the Privilege at Ibiza (Spain).

Meanwhile Marlon was looking for new challenges and initiated his new project AEON, aiming at a calmer more melodic path. The track "MASTERPIECE OF EMOTION" got published by Pias Recordings in 2001. Success was overwhelming: number one in the legendary European M's Magnificent Top 100 of "Dance Paradise" for almost 16 weeks, support by world-known DJ such as Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk or Talla 2XLC, and remix requests e.g. by Germany's best known trance duo Blank & Jones for their hit "DESIRE". This was followed by a live act and DJ tour through Canada and the USA, another gig at Privilege Ibiza, and a live gig in Marlon huge hometown-stadium "Weserstadion".
The next step, requested by many fans, was an Accuface album. Over the years, the discography of Accuface had become huge, as many releases were exclusively released on Tunnel Trance Force compilations. Therefore, Marlon released the album "10 - MOST WANTED" 10 years of Accuface, 10 tracks in very special rare versions.

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Various Artists 50 D.Trance Traxx, Vol. 6

Various Artists

50 D.Trance Traxx, Vol. 6

VÖ-Datum: 01.01.2016
Label: DJs Present

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9 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 9.