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A-UNIT' is a lebanese DJ/Producer,born in southern suburb in Beirut in 1993,Dedicated my life for the Deejay and producing , and in 2008 I started playing Minimal & Techno music in this time I didn't play in any club because i was so young for this work!.
And then i met the new genre of music and its the "Trance & Dance Music" when i met these music i started to build my DJ career with these genres.
I started to make some remixes and shared them on the webs,when i saw that most people like my music i took it seriously and i started deejaying in some parties.
Then i Start to produce Trance Music and finally my career Started in success.

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Dave Vega Altars Of Magic

Dave Vega

Altars Of Magic

Release date: 01.06.2011
Label: thoughtless music
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7 Articles.      Currently displaying: 1 to 7.