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Domagoj Jakic (Yakka) comes from Nova Gradiska (Croatia). He is born in 1989 and bacame interested in music since elementary school. Back in the days, 90's dance music was popular and he was amazed with some artists like 2 Unlimited, Snap, Maxx, Gigi D' Agostino, The Prodigy, etc. However, there are 3 songs that made him crazy about electronic music; Maxx - Getaway, Darude - Sandstorm and one big hit from croatian "king of funk", Dino Dvornik - Afrika.
At the age of 13, he starts to explore music production and makes his first hiphop beats. Hiphop was a lot easier for him to start with, but there was still big interest in electronic music.
In 2008 he began producing electronic music. House was the style where he found himself and started to express his creativity. In the beginning, the tracks were all in dark progressive vibe but soon he realized it's important for him to be versatile and experiment with everything he imagine. So until then, there are various tracks produced; from dark progressive to tech, deep and funky tunes.
Producing and djing almost always comes together, so he is djing from time to time when there is chance for it. There is no big gigs worth to point out, just a house parties in hometown Nova Gradiska (cocktail bar Exit). His sets are always mix of different genres and the rule is only one - make people dance and feel good!
Today in 2010, he is up for one level - the contract has been signed between him and Chibar records and the first official releases are about to come out. The plan for the future is doing his best and try to become more recognized on domestic and international house scene.