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Started listening to house music in early 90.
Seen all the Big parties(Hellraiser, nightmare,dance to eden)
in Holland and also most clubs(ParkZicht, Goldfinger, Club-X , CherryMoon_BE, Planet hardcore_BE, and others).
After few years wanted to try to dj myself on the wheels of steel.
After playing at home for few years i did some sets in a local club.
But due to work and starting family i lost track of the techno scene.
And now im back trying to pickup my dj skills again.
Im now doing the digital dj stuff, pc and controller( NATIVE INSTRUMENTS S4)
Im also trying to produce tracks myself now with ableton started 12 months ago.
did some remix competitions with result , that 1 of those remixes was released in 2011.
Niereich - Midnight (WIMMIX remix)
my 2nd release is
Echos From The Past - wimmix (original)
with remixes from Denny the Punk and Louis Fortes

thx for dropping by


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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.