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Volkan G. better known as Voko Nonnative is a German DJ/ producer based in Dusseldorf. In early age of 16 he began to work as a DJ in his hometown. He was a hip hop whether house DJ till he decide to stop playing hip hop and concentrate his work just on electronic music. He starts to produce his own tracks and remixes with the Amiga 2000 and Rebirth-808.

Since 2004 he is acting all over the world. His know how and modern thinking is noticeable in his productions, as well in his (re)mixes. As a member in different labels he is now producing house, electro and techno music. His remixes for lissat&voltaxx, Erick Decks, Feguk and many more makes him to a well known international artist.

But also his latest release in September 08 - This Summer (040 Recordings) which was 3 Weeks in the Ministry of Sound Top 10 Techno Charts was a reason for his success in this musicworld "it was never easy to survive, till this day" The musicworld become more and more difficult and harder to take hold, especially as an newcomer artist. But Voko is still working on his career an on the right way to the Top. Furthermore his music choice set the clubs on fire, wherever he is…