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danilo vigorito



3th Dec. 1974: Danilo was born in Naples , the celebrated southern Italy town which 20 years later will become a renowned capital of Techno Music.
Since the early 80's, his passion for music led him more and more towards the creation of it. In 86 he decided to study classical music from its beginning to acquire the technical harmonization, reading and writing. Always having as a reference the pop music of the 80s, approaches the world of electronics and then samplers and synthesizers, so begins the vocation for electronic music.
After 10 years spent in acquiring more and more experience with machines, synthesizers and recording studios, in the year 91 Danilo starts his DJ career and founds the 'Three Imaginary Boys', the very first underground team of the Naples club life.
For over 5 years the band became a true legend in the Neapolitan electronic scene but it wasn’t enough, in fact, in the year 96, after acquiring a significant years experience as DJ, Sound Engineer and Musician, Danilo started his career as a soloist.
After two years spent in the studio to search for what was to become his unmistakable sound, come out one set of tracks that are shipped to major labels of the time and in the year 99 come the first production. Danilo gives birth to his music releasing Sync Mode EP for Informal Records. A very prolific studio work leads Danilo to international awareness, releasing on the well-known Speaker Attack, Primate, Conform, Zenit and Genetic Recordings.
In the year 2000, Danilo presents his first record project FROZEN, an innovative and astonishing electro minimal label that gives birth to a very intense Dj work with innumerable showcases around the globe.
During those years, he produce on Zenit Recordings the releases that spread the 'Imaginary Boy ' nickname, derived from the 'Three Imaginary Boys' project.
Danilo's tracks appear in the charts of the biggest DJs like Richie Hawtin and Sven Vath (soon Danilo will remix Shock Ralley for Sven, released on Virgin Records in 2003).
Second label Orion Muzik appears. Danilo earns the reputation of new phenomenon on the electronic scene, identifying himself with elaborated and refined production techniques more typical of a live set.
In only 2 years, Between 2001 and 2003, Danilo releases 29 EPs more about 10 remixes for talented producers.