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Uwe Bothe



Uwe Bothe, was born in August 1971 in Stuttgart Germany.
After School, he completed a Training as a Music Dealer and started his first Steps as a DJ in various Clubs in and around Stuttgart. At the same Time he attended the School for audio Engineering in Munich
1992, he met a studio Owner, and produced his first Single with the Name "Highlander". The Single climbed into the top Ten of various Dance Charts.
This was followed by Titles such as "Step by Step," "Satisfaction", "Berlin", wan `t to F. ..", "Suck it Mama Dude" and a number of Remixes for example for Jocelyn Brown, Guru Josh and Lenny Krawitz. Projects like „Dustin Duval“, „Köningskinder“, „Stiefbrüder“, "Discey" and many more where placed succesfully in Clubs all over the World.

After a Tour in 2000 through Germany, Holland, and USA, Uwe needed a creative break. In that Time there were Performances held in Ibiza, and Germany. The Singles "Feel so good" and "Dabbab" from the Albums Macao Cafe - The Sound of the Belearic and Trillian - The Mobius Strip" were also widely published.
During this Time Uwe started working as a Label Manager for Macao Cafe Music on Ibiza. The Love to uptempo Lounge Music and Ibiza, coined his new Style of Music. Pumpin and driving Beats that are now part of his Productions.

Surviving New York City is the first Single on Ibiza-Unique in Cooperation with Macao Cafe Music. So Stay tuned for the forthcoming Album "One Life"!

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Uwe Bothe Surviving New York City

uwe bothe

Surviving New York City

VÖ-Datum: 20.02.2012
Label: Ibiza Unique
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