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Tom Bypass



Taken away by the electronic music fever in 1996, Tom ByPass (a.k.a TomTom) feeds off Funky House which can be found in club in the south side of France. As he evolves throughout the years, he leans towards tekno tribe music and in 1999, starts playing Live Hardware (sampler. groove box,..) tribe/ hardtek in numerous festivals,Free Party and European raves. The music he creates also creates that energy and funky which can be found on the dance floors of France, Italy,Czech Republic, Canada, etc..
Arrived in Montreal in 2006, he joins the Neurotik sound system crew and had the chance to play beside such artists as Laurent Ho, Keygen, Kokci, Mutante, Zimo, Suburbass, Nout, beuns (Heretik).
In 2009 he created with Nico5a (a.k.a Tonerre de Brest) the duo known as Medouksasor and organized such events under the name of Fingerz in the noize in 2010 and 2011. He decided to evolve again this time with styles as Break, electro, house and even added full-on. With these eclectic productions , Tom Bypass does not let any style escape without his explosive samples and head bouncing bass.