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Sven Becher



Beginning of the 80s began the era of a new Generation.Not plates were only just launched, it began the era of digital technology it was at that time already tinkered with the mixing, and CD players celebrated.
It was the birth of the digital age in which the night was made the day. In this period were his heroes. Artists such as Depechmode, Underworld, Sven Väth, Carl Cox, Diver and Talla, ATB, to name just a few of his influences on the leave.
Vinyl records to mix into each other, with two equal Vinyls certain parts and prolong the dancing crowd with just two turntables in him was not enough ecstasy for a long time. The beat was-by endless loops in the Pioneer CDJ800.
The time of simple disc jockeys who played a good disc after the other was over. In today’s timeplay Sven Becher a.k.a Paradisebird live with Ableton Live ,
2 CD players and one controller. The digital world offers him the opportunity not only to mixing boards in each other but give Live to produce the party people a unique experience.
And its all he has on numerous events and clubs such as: Flamingo club, Sex in the City (Pro 7), Kontor Club Tour, Underground, tsunami, night people, Summer Night Diving, Jockey Club, Club Lounge and more.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.