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Sun Robot



Sebastian Golobow is the man behind Sun Robot, he was born on 3. February 1980 in Emden, Germany, and is a German DJ and producer. In 1995 he started to learn the art of deejaying later in 1998 he wanted to produce his own music, so he bought his first studio equipment and started producing.

In many years he searched and found his own sound, who based on harmonic chords and melodies, evil basses and funky rhythms.

In may 2010 he successfully participate the remix-contest of Electric Romeo Records who released his remix of "Mandy Kam Aus Magdeburg" on the Mandy Remix EP. The Mandy Remix EP was ten weeks in the Italian DJ charts and reached place 23.

The success of the Mandy Remix EP was the main reason to found his own independent-label.