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stefan goldmann



Techno and house have always been about imagining the future and feeling the excitement of change. If anyone has lived up to this aspiration in recent years, this is Stefan Goldmann. With almost every new single and project he has brought a new edge to the table, creating some of the most memorable tracks of recent years. The dirt of “The Maze”, the melodic craze of “Sleepy Hollow” or the off-center choirs of “Lunatic Fringe” have injected new excitement into dancefloors and shown new directions to DJs and producers alike.

Stefan Goldmann’s MACRO label has been called “the leading avant-techno label”, so it is no wonder he has crossed over massively into art music too with an approach that is so essentially techno.

Creating special one-off live shows for festivals and institutions has become as much part of his presentation as DJing in clubs or at Macro label nights in Berlin, London, Paris and Tokyo alongside label mates like KiNK, Elektro Guzzi, Peter Kruder or Raudive. For Berlin’s Berghain club he has conceived the Elektroakustischer Salon nights, writes a bi-monthly column for the club’s program flyer and can be seen DJing at the legendary Sunday afternoon sessions at Panorama Bar.