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Sergio Pereira



Sérgio Miguel de Sousa Castro Pereira. That is the name of the Portuguese producer of Electronic Music (more specifically from Porto) who has a passion for music in the fullest extension of the word. He was born at 6 of September of 1989 and grew up surrounded by an array of musical styles, from the distorted Metallica?s guitars to the most beautiful works of Mozart and Beethoven.
He began playing to classical guitar at an early age and the Metal has been the major driver which influenced his adolescence.
One day while he was browsing the Internet everything has changed. He discovered the splendid performance of the Musical Magician Paul Van Dyk at Dance Valley (2005). The frenzy was so magnificent that he started to listening to electronic music on a compulsively way. Although today he enjoys all the variants associated to Electronic Music it is noteworthy that his first discovery was the Trance Music. By the way, he does not care about the point where Trance Music ends and the one where Progressive House begins or where Techno ends and Tech-House begins. He believes that all styles of Electronic Music are related and the non existence of one would have conditioned all the rest.
His ?little adventure? on production has started when he discovered software called Ableton Live. He began to play with it in his leisure time and today has his own packet of information. Although he does not considers himself like the owner of knowledge. He is always ready to learn and believes in the eternal learning (which takes you to rediscover yourself in this fabulous world that is music). His style of music production is impossible to be defined because he has some experience at some electric music variants with the belief of be an expert in all of them. However is common knowledge that his melodies draws and his tracks are closely related to his personal feelings.
So far he has signed by some company records like Pandora Digital Records, Attary Records and Minimus Records. He had also the fantastic opportunity of work with the international artist Tiff Lacey.
Finally, it is the knowledge of his close relatives and friends that he loves music and that it makes him feel very good.
As that thing continue Sérgio Pereira will continue to add something very genuine to the music scene.