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Row Sunshine



When he was 8-years-old, Row Sunshine, aka Rowan Frijhoff bought his first vinyl records in his place of birth, Amersfoort. With two dusty pick-ups and a medieval kind of mixer he learned himself to spin the records. Nowadays Row Sunshine is the face of HotSenses events and is to be seen monthly in Quignon Amersfoort, Quignon Utrecht, Jantjes, Club Lux and Club Lust Utrecht.

So what is there to expect in the future? Well 2009 promises to be a good year, there are 7 tracks waiting to be released the coming months on quality labels like ?Spinnin? Records?, ?Made2Dance?, ?GrooveMasters? and ?Made in NL?. ?This housefanatic is a fantastic DJ who is able to move every dancefloor to a higher level, and also not afraid to take the crowd into deep funky- techhouse? said by the judges of the ?Corona DJ Contest? in 2008.