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Riccardo Sabatini



Riccardo Sabatini was born in Rovigo(ITALY) on 19 february 1990.
Since very young was attracted by disco music and the figure of the DJ.
Fascinated by this magic world at 16 years decided to start to create
somethings that could make dance people...
Riccardo found is way into techno-minimal sound...black cold and
repetitive style that he loved at first sight.
His first relase produced was Go baby go ep with clorophilla records on 2008.
Now after only one year Riccardo works for some of the most important
techno-minimal labels like AUTIST. of( M_Ferri),SUBSTUDIO of (Giuliani,Rossetti)
TRACTOR of (Francesco Passantino) MALATOID,EKLERO,SHUFFLEMOOD and many others...

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Riccardo Sabatini Blue Jeans

riccardo sabatini

Blue Jeans

VÖ-Datum: 15.10.2014
Label: material series
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