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Pasquale Schwarzz



Enjoying the sound of Techno, Techhouse and Hardgroove.

The basics were early given but it all really started as i watched a mayday broadcast on tv 1996. Interested but more fascinated i was watching the dj´s at work. The excitement and the energie they delivered to the crowd, and of course how they handled the crowd was just awesome. Since these days it got me. Thats what i wanted to do. As soon as i had the equippment i started to train and teach myself the basics in djing. In the beginning my style was hardtrance orientated but soon i switched to a more monoton and technoid style. The former „united schranz board“, todays „hardtechnofamily board“, was a really good platform to spread my mixes all over the world. I started to produce my own music too, and early on i got some releases with artists like: Rober Natus, Arkus P., O.B.I., Brainshaker, Stefan Senk, ToolTech, El Torro, Patrick Arbez or Jens Müller to name a few. I released on labels like: Torromusic Recordings, planetnatus, Friendly Fire, USBdigital and also with the well known Frank Kvitta on some of his own labels like Bullshit Records and Unknown Power. In 2010 i started my first label called „Schwarzzmarkt Recordings“. Now in 2011 there are almost 10 Releases on "Schwarzzmarkt Recordings" available. Without loosing the focus on my own productions, i also want to give fresh talents the chance to get their music shared with all of those electronic music lovers around the world. EP´s with Stefan Senk, El Torro, Tooltech, to name a few, are allready done... but there is more to come.