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nikola gala



Born in 1980, Nikola Gala is a Greek producer since 1995 and DJ since 2000. He is the founder of Escada Music. Nikola Gala has been producing for the past 10 years and received big attention during the years 2004-2005 by the music industry for the release of the track "Swing 2 Harmony" along with the "Perasma" band. At the same time he produced some well respected tracks which found home on labels like Deep Records, Intrinsic, Fokused, Sprout Music, Precinct, Renaissance, Lost Language Audio Therapy and now also on Plastic City.

Till now he has been an open minded producer to all types of electronic music, listening to his tracks mixed in Electro/Tech-House or Progressive Trance sets it's not unusual. Born, raised and still lives in Thessaloniki/Greece, Nikola is one of the most sought after producers from Greece at the moment, he is quite busy working on new ideas in most of his time at his personal studio. Nikola as a dj left his music mark on many spots around the globe like Stockholm, Cologne, Jakarta, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Kiev just to name a few. His freestyle approach is responsible for mixing tracks from a wide range of quality electronic dance music.

During the year 2006 he started running his own digital label "Escada Music" which have gained much support from music fans and dj's around the world, an upcoming label that has much to show in the future. In 2007 he released his debut single "System" (together with DJ I-Kie) on Plastic City.

Nikola Gala is part of the new exciting wave of Greek talents that has risen through the ranks of the house and techno scene over the last decade. Gala's debut album "The Woman I Love" is a distillation of his years of experience in dance music and draws on an array of musical threads to weave a stunning audio tapestry that is a reflection of the many sounds of the dancefloor. All ten cuts on the album are aimed squarely at the club, with an energy racing through the album that doesn't let up for a second. Yet the album is in no way a one-dimensional work, skipping between elements of deep house, techy minimalism and uplifting big room anthemics it draws you in to the experience from beginning to end.