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monkey brothers



Monkey Brothers is a duo created in 2005 by two brothers: Ruben & Sergio Pellon.

Their productions have a characteristic attitude, a mix of obscure textures and deep bases designed for the Dancefloor. Structured and groovy sounds blend with Techno and house influences.

Sergio Pellon started producing in 1997 while he was the resident Dj of the MDF Sofa Club, in Madrid. In the 2000′s he was the resident of La Mousse Club ,Nature Club Madrid, while, Sergio was producing video and soundtrack for spanish TV (Tele 5). In 2005, his first release “Alexitimia” with the spanish electronic band “Killing D Time”.

Ruben Pellon was DJing in the Stereo 45 Club, one of the pionners of the underground electronic music in Vilnius, Lithuania since 2003. Resident of the Gravity Club and member/co-founder of the “ Backdoors” and “Everlast” colective . In 2006, he opened the Vasavos Terraza, a summer terrace with lots of electronics music and celebrated Djs and Music producers .In the following years he also had the Milk Club.

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Omer Grinker Under Water (Monkey Brothers Remix)

Omer Grinker

Under Water (monkey brothers Remix)

VÖ-Datum: 28.03.2013
Label: Parallel Records
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.