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Mokushi (Simeon Dotkov) is a Bulgarian Hard-Techno DJ who started the project in a speed-schranz/hardcore direction, but eventually settled down on 150-160 BPM covering the Hard-Techno style in his own way. The beats are distinctive and so is the structure of the songs. Heavily inspired by Japan, the sound is anything, but minimal and the diversity of the songs is due to the large amount of Bulgarian and Japanese samples (including a lot of authors speech and singing). The structures are not typically hard-techno, but have breakdowns and build-ups, like hardcore and hardstyle tracks which makes the music kind of unique. At parties he usually plays his own tracks and keeps the bass knob to the top. Simeon had a lot of musical projects like Animassacre and his personal soundtrack initiative, but Mokushi proved to be the most stable and powerful project up till now.