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Mike Caine



Already with 5 years, Mike Caine had the first contact to the music by his Piano lessons. From this day on everything turned only about music. By the song of U96 - The Boat he was to be over the moon with the electronic music, and knew exactly where it a daily devious became.

1999 were it then so far, the DJing stepped into his life. Many many years brought it all possible Underground to parties to cooking. The devotion to the music and the input for the moment made his sets the absolute guarantor for the best and wildest parties. From Trance, Techno, Hardtechno to Minimal immersed Mike into many facets of the electronic music.

2005 catch Mike Caine to interest in producing and to learn it.

2010 are it then so far, 2010 are also the year of his first publication on Cologne Label - TSOT- The sound of Techno. Where he produced the hymn for the sound of Techno Camps of the Nature One, to the largest European festival of the electronic dance music.

2011 - He groundet by the End of the Year 2011 his own Label FUCK OFF.

2012 - 13.02.2012 Due Day!

The First Release of his own Label will be released "Americain Express" on FUCKOFF.

Here we go!

His pumping Beats, charismatic occurrence, never full creativity and his sense for that certain something distinguish him as DJ and producer.

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Mike Caine Americain Express

mike caine

Americain Express

VÖ-Datum: 13.02.2012
Label: Fuckoff
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