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Mike Ban



Mike Ban was born in the summer of '86 in Rijeka / Croatia, but moved after his birth in the beautiful southern Austria, where he grew up and still lives.

He always had great interest in music and infected at the age of six his electronic music. Talented and influenced by other styles such as eg Hip Hop, House, Hard Rock and Metal, he started with 13 harder to produce electronic music and at 15 he had his first DJ equipment. From then on, he turned to his daily decks and expanded his skills in music production.

Also, many parties he attended, which have influenced him greatly because he ability many famous DJ's of today's role models are observed and the mixing techniques and then even tried out and perfected. To this day he played at many underground parties from hip hop to house, trance and drum and bass, but his real passion is techno. The many different styles he could collect a lot of experience to create his own hard, energetic and driving style.

He sees technology not only as a genre, he identifies with technology, lives for Techno, sees it as its own language and want to share this language with others.

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Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl Wall Hall Ep

mike ban & Dietmar Wohl

Wall Hall Ep

VÖ-Datum: 17.03.2014
Label: audio stimulation
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