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Mattia Trani



Hailing from Bologna, there’s no surprise in finding out that young gun (21) Mattia Trani has such a true passion for Techno music. Being born and bred in one of the towns which has the strongest clubs scene in Italy, Mattia has quickly developed his own taste for Techno.
A background of three hundred and sixty degree musical education, including studies of guitar and piano, a deep passion for sounds that move between dub longitudes and detroit techno latitudes.
The need of pushing forward his passion and develop further his producer skill brought Mattia to launch his own imprint Pushmaster Discs (2012), where he released his debut ep “Addicted to destiny” and where so far have released artists such as Thomas Hessler,Ilario Alicante,Myles Sergè,Dj Rolando,Skudge,Orlando Voorn and many others.
It’s indeed thanks to the several quality techno releases if Pushmaster Discs has already gained support by the likes of artists such as Dj Deep,Robert Hood and Ben Sims.
"Pushmaster Discs" is not only his own label, but a true open community which expresses passion and realizes dreams.