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Mas Teeveh



Massimiliano Cattaneo aka Mas Teeveh is an Italian based
dj and producer active in the underground-italian-techno scene.
His alias is a new word, a neologism, and should sounds like 'MASSIVE' like his basslines
that could fits powerfully in all the leading techno world scenes.
Grow up with the very strong beats of the hardcore and schranz music, his approach
to the techno music comes from the esteem for Collabs3000's work,
appreciating their productions and how they changed the techno-panorama year by year.
In 2010 the turning point: his friendship with Mark Morris and his first release on the label
of the Neapolitan producer (Ketra records) launch Mas Teeveh in the real world of techno!
Ketra records, BCR, Gynoid Audio, Heaven to Hell, Gobsmacked, Hybrid Confusion are some labels
where Mas produced his music between 2010 and the early 2011.
He received supports for his productions, have been charted and played from many artists like Detroit Gran Pubahs,Talla 2xlc,
BCR Boys, Audio Injection, Space Djz, Richie Hawtin, Dj Lukas, D.A.V.E the Drummer, Mike Humphries, Mark Morris, Peder, Logotech,
A-Brothers, Cortechs, Deepbass, Simon Hi-Shock, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Vegim, Niereich, Dj Emerson, Dr Hoffmann, Spark Taberner and a few others.
His tracks have appeared many times in some great shows like Mike Humphries' Mastertraxx Podcast, Dave Clarke's White Noise,
Dr Hoffmann's Blindspot, Jason Fernandes' FourFour Beat and Morgan Tomas' Reloading.
On January 2010 his Perceptions EP reached the 13th position on the
Juno top100 Techno Bestsellers and appeared in the January 2011 Juno-Recommends Techno chart.
With two friends he producing under the alias Dark Room Alliance and their
Nekrose EP on Gynoid Audio has been a great success at the end of 2010.
DRA is a really dark minded work, that makes the listener able to explore the whole world of dark techno. The main prerogative
is to place the listener into a creepy industrial scenario, made of panning synths, strong basslines and pumping grooves.
For this new year there are a lot of upcoming projects for Mas Teeveh, to name a few:
EPs and remixes on Elektrax, Gynoid, The Zone records, Heaven to Hell, Amazone,
Platinium records, Shout, Toxicated Beats and more..

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.