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marcin czubala



marcin czubala:

Marcin Czubala is not your typical techno artist. He is mobilee recordís maestro, with a grounding in classical orchestration and an instinct for intricate sound design. Marcinís work stems from a broad range of influences, yet always bears his unmistakable signature. From the spare, bleepy minimalism of his debut album Chronicles of Never on mobilee, to explorations of disco, electronic pop and deep house with mobilee Back to Back Vol. 5, Marcinís work is overlaid with undulating grooves that are full of unpredictable twists and inexplicable turns that artfully draw the listener into the suspense. Hailing originally from Poland, Marcin trained extensively in classical music theory and composition in the city of Poznan. Between 1991 and 1994 he performed in over 300 concerts, including the Nantes Festival, Warsaw Autumn, and performances with experimental music luminary Krzysztof Penderecki. Once he had graduated from music school, Marcin began branching out into the world of DJing and electronic production. He began releasing his own productions that were as equally influenced by his musical past as they were by the emergent sounds of Brighton techno and experimental electronica. As prolific as he is prodigious, Marcin had a myriad of releases for labels such as Neue Heimat and Morris Audio by the time he joined forces with mobilee in 2007. Marcin hit the ground running for mobilee, releasing two singles in just six months, followed by Chronicles of Never, which garnered critical acclaim for its wide sonic palette, willful experimentation and dancefloor appeal. From the lithe, dynamic and atmospheric soundscapes of his album debut, through shifts towards housier climes on Loose The Man and Zoo Comunale, Marcin has now come full circle, back to live instruments, vocal harmonies and organic arrangements for mobilee Back to Back Vol. 5.