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Richard Ali, aka Kereni, was born in Naples, Italy and later moved to Sardinia. He discovered an interest in electronic music at a young age, after his mum gave him his first keyboard.
He started to attend parties in 1998 and was quickly captivated by electronic music, especially acid techno. He soon began experimenting with technology, trying to recreate the music that he loved.
In 2002 he moved to Bristol (UK), where he continued following his passion for music and technology. He started doing live performances at small parties and occasional club gigs and at the beginning of 2009 Kereni debuted in London and as well as at Bristol?s infamous Drama after parties. He also connected with Bristol's Dan Jeffries, aka [sic], and they both run a night called ''Code''.
After focusing on djing and performing for a while, Kereni only recently began working in the studio again, producing his own tracks and cultivating his distinct, bass-heavy dark techno sound.