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Gerald Henderson



Gerald Henderson discovered the art of mixing around 2000. Very fast the fun turns into a time consuming passion to evolve into his trade. He later discovered production, the next logical step in becoming a professional disc jockey.
From his multicultural background, various travels and experiences abroad, he soaked up sounds from many genres and cultures. Even though what he likes most are bongos, tribal rhythmics, festive congas mixed with intoxicating melodies.
You will find his productions on various labels, Stereo Productions, Suburban Tracks, Nirvana Recordings, Muzik XPress, Code2 Records, Bonzai, Republika, Music Worx, Bs Traxx, LAD... These productions have received great suppor from top artists, and his latest tracks were picked by DJ Chus for his Top 10 chart.
In 2010 he finally decided to create, with DJ Haro, his own label Undergroovy Productions.
A few words that describe Gerald Henderson are warmth, enthusiasm, joy and groove. Which is helping him become increasingly important in the underground scene.

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Gerald Henderson Knock It / I Like to Feel You

gerald henderson

Knock It / I Like to Feel You

VÖ-Datum: 11.12.2017
Label: Oto Music
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29 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 15.    Seiten: 1 2