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Fynn Callum



Fynn Callum came to electronic dance music relatively late, having spent his earlier years playing guitar in and out of irregular indie bands. When he discovered deep house in the mid 2000?s, the timing was perfect, with the online music revolution starting to build momentum and, with his frustration at keeping a band together, the move to house production was a good fit. He soon started putting a studio together, as well as getting his first pair of decks and building a good vinyl collection; although the majority of his dj work was in playing his other loves: funk and 60?s soul.

After some modestly successful self-released productions under a variety of aliases, Fynn took a break from house music after a move to the Southern USA, where he picked up the guitar again, and spent regular nights playing in an acoustic folk band.

The love of house never left though and with a move back to Edinburgh in 2010, he began to get a studio back together and got back into production. DJ mixes started to get some good feedback on Soundcloud, as did several original tracks.

His style reflects his more recent influences including Jimpster, Sebastian Davidson and Maya Jane Coles, combined with the smooth, filtered electric piano sounds of the deep house that first grabbed him in the first place. A self-confessed audio technology enthusiast, he regularly blogs about recent deep house releases, audio technology and social media marketing; he also writes articles for NowThenRecords.

New tracks and mixes are continually in production and, with his new balance of studio and coffee-shop laptop production proving creatively inspirational, he has a long list of works-in-progress that reference classic deep house, while keeping wit the modern aesthetic of more tech-influenced grooves.

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Fynn Callum Holding Pattern

fynn callum

Holding Pattern

VÖ-Datum: 09.09.2012
Label: Sound Lab
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.