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Ivo was born in the 4/29/1987 in Wuerzburg of the university town in Germany.
At the age of 10 years developed the interest in music and he learn the guitar.
This was not from long Time and he change from rock to Hip Hop/Rap and then started with the Djing.
He founded an Garageband with 2 Friends.
In 2002 he changed his music direction on Techno and was mixing with his friend.
He bought his first Techno Vinyls to himself and practice.
They organised quite often Underground parties and also laid sometimes on Birthdaypartys of mates and friends on.
Later it came to a party row them every Friday and Saturday with a mate in the cellar took place and had a lot of visitors.
In 2005 he trapped in to produce.
Since 2009 he concentrated Primarily upon the Producing.
In the year 2010 he founded the Label "BeatForge" with his friend.