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Electrofixed is a project started in late 2009 as a joke from Alec Shock and NdR , two friends with addiction for Hard Electro / Fidget House / Indie Dance and Nu Disco.

They started producing seriously only in early 2011, when the duo was contacted by Crux Records. This just gave them a moral "push" to start taking things more serious and put more effort into producing better music acoording to their own standards.

Alec Shock is the crazy man, in love with Technical / Progressive / Djent / Death Metal / Hardcore and even going also into Hard Belgium Dubstep or Minimal-Techno! He loves the punching extreme sound, whereas NdR is the melody-MIDI-man of the duo. Check them out!!!

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.