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Ecstasy Cat



Ecstasy Cat founded on 01.01.2011. The founders are DJ Emeriq (alias AlwaysOnTOP , LoopaJem) Deepsmean (alias Naem Speed , DJ TranSonic) Tomm Laurey and the VJ Jamm Handy. We always wanted something new, we would like to make new soundings, mixing styles in a very wide style palette in the electronic music area. We put our best to our productions , mixings and we try to make all of them unique in the market. We usually make a complex show the DJ and the VJ side, we always prepare a big and loud performance. We have a lots of promotional stuff like mixes, tracks, Bootlegs, VJ stuff they are downloadable from our website. So we hope we will meet one of our big show, dont afraid to come to talk to us !!!!