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Dj Wad



Awad Jeeawody - DJ WAD. Born on 18 july 1988 in Mauritius. A very skillful, competent and active guy. Started career in music PRODUCTION and DJING since year 2000. Started playing in clubs at 17 years old. Got a fame by the prestige in music experience. On 2006-07 he was nominated as the best DJ remixer by some continuous demand of his remixes. So his talent caught the attention of some label owner and thus he was officially declared official DJ/PRODUCER/AUTHOR/COMPOSER registered by MASA. And so he did many featurings on several compilations [SEGA MANIA, HARBOUR BEAT]. His good skill in producing music caught the attention of international producer and label owners. . . He signed his first single to 4 BEAT RECORDS. A great success release for title - 'REFLECTIONS EP' _ which was release on 20 January 2009 _ WORLD WIDE available at all download stores... After this success, he signed remixes for BISTRONICA RECORDS. . . His tunes and skills began to progress progressively in every experience he had in the musical industry. . . By the great skill he was even proposed as guest DJ on Radio Bass Lover in Germany. . . The fame and reputation acquired by himself , a self-made DJ/PRODUCER got many support from international DJ's and PRODUCERS. . .