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Dirt-E from the Netherlands has spent years in the music, from his childhood he is obsessed with music , it is his passion especially electro house(before that he was making hiphop-beats just for the fun), when he was 16 he was already working in the local club as DJ, after that experience, he also wanted to party but after a while he got bored and it started again. .. he wanted back in the music but this time with his own music production's and he want to make Electro with thick bass lines so he creates a home studio and began producing Electronic House music. Dirt-E's style is often very energetic and he likes to play with different music styles and combining them and make it his own Electro/House track .. keep especially your ears and eyes on the young producer in the future, we are going to hear a lot more from him and his own independent upcoming record label Dirt-E Records