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StarChild aka Marius Christof Hasske was born in Neustadt (Poland) on October 12th 1984.
To his favorite music includs melodic Songs with a 4/4 beat.
From House across Electro up to Goa.

But his favorite homemade musicstyle is the Trance.

Trance is for me to show feelings and to divide this with other people.
This Music has a stimulating to myself. It keeps the balance to the normal course of life.

My first experience with electronic music I made at 1996.
Inspire by Dune ?Hardcore Vibes? and ?Are You Ready to Fly? I hit the road to conquer the techno music.
?Dance Machine? was my first tool. A music software to produce songs with samples.
The following years have been accompanied by ?Dance EJay?. Also a software to mix only samples.
This program was from follower to follower increase in volume but I feel cramped in my creativity.

I put the theme music production away as I launched my education in the year 2002.

2006 I found ?fruity loops? by a fluke. With FL Studio I could run riot and build the music after my ideas.
To this day is FL Studio my faithful escort.

Stay Tuned