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Martin Libsen



Martin Libsen his true name is Marcin Liberkowski. He was born in 1989 in Gniezno and lives in small village in Cegielnia (Kuyavia-pomerania).Marcin already showed music skills, when he was a very young and tiny child. When Marcin was learning in basic school, he was playing on Keyboard. In 2008 he started creating trance music in Fl Studio 8. He creates uplfting trance, tech-trance and different experimental sounds with trance. Personally, he thinks, that a lot of depends on hard work, determination and belief in myself. Marcin also thinks that music is very important element in life. In his opinion if you want to be a good producer, you must believe in yourself and love music. In 2009 he started release first tracks in ABP as Psytrotune. In the future Martin wants to become better. His dreams? .. successes in the future