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Heiko & Maiko



Heiko & Maiko work as a DJ team since 1996. 1998 they both started their career as radio- Dj…s at MDR Sputnik with an own broadcast. In 2000 Heiko & Maiko changed from Spuntnik to MDR Jump – one of the biggest radio- stations in Germany.

Heiko & Maiko's live radio show „Jump on Tour“(2000-2004) grown up to one of the famoust broadcasts in Germany and was honored with the „German DJ Award“ as best german radio show. During these years they met a lot of Dj… s and Acts in their show: ATB, Tomcraft, Marc Romboy, Tom Novy, Brooklyn Bounce, Culture Beat, Safri Duo, Rick Astley, Emma Bunton, Lambda, Driftwood, Talla 2XLC,Tillmann Uhrmacher, DJ Sammy, Hans Nieswandt, Groove Coverage, Prezioso, Marc et Claude, Mario Lopez, Blank & Jones, Shaun Baker, Starsplash and many more…

In 2002 Marc Romboy (owner of the label ALPHABET CITY) was guest in their show and asked “Guys, what do you think about make your own music and release a record?“. What a great idea!!! So they met their producer Paul Hutsch, a friend of Marc in Mönchengladbach. Together with him they produced: “Da Da Da/ Tanzen”(2002), “Morseton”(2003), “Gluecklich”(2004), “Sonnenschein”(2005), “Techno Rock”(2006), „Morseton 2.0“(2007), „Gebongt!“(2008), „Not too late“(2009) and some remixes: “Shine on” (Sunloverz), “Esta loca”(Monte e Fago) and “Hard Rock” (Hardrox). And on 09/03/09 Heiko & Maiko“s first album „MUT ZUM TON“ was released.

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Various Artists Dirty Electro House - Summer Edition

Various Artists

Dirty Electro House - Summer Edition

VÖ-Datum: 14.08.2009
Label: KNM Special Marketing

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