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Gavril's ( Gavrilescu Constantin), was born on october 6,1986, in Piatra Neamt, a mountain city from Romania.Since childhoud had a passion for music, but his voice was not an advantage for him, and then decided to explore a completely different field of art,namely electronics. He believed that this will be his future and that will become a specialist in electronics.Gavril's liked hiking, mountain trips, always to discover unknown places, he astonished his actions all others. At 16 years had the preferences hip-hop, latin,he slowly entered the club but the atmosphere changed musical taste like trance, progressive, techno. As a new name in underground electronic music industry career as a DJ started in 2003 ,when he began to appear in several clubs near his wanting to highlight his favorite genre and style of tech house and house.After 2009, he began his career as a producer and frist EP (Optimistik) to a German label called Documenti Sonori Records, followed by two high jump sensation Cha Cha Cha EP and Nos Jojyku launched at Afrosoup Recordings Italy where he took 4th place in the top 10 Cha Cha Cha track on Beatport, signed by going further with many major labels B79 Music, High Seven Records, 22 Digit Recordings, Zenith Recordings, DAG Recordings and more.After this success, he began working on several requests for remixes as Emde, Graham Laverty, Aquabeat, William Fiorini, Gabriel Slick, Sillvio P and in turn with remixes from Steve One, Poissons, Andrew Knight, Marius Mathias, Le Makitore, Alejandro Cheleros, David Blow, D - Fected, and still gets great support and support from big names such as Loco Dice, Dave Ellesmere, Sasch BBC, Daniel Sunday, Arado, Tapesh, Horatio, Luke Cazzoni Greg Parker, Lars Wickinger, Jesus Pablo, Sean Danka, Rob Small, Marko Roca and others.After all these activities Gavril's work continues to try new collaborations with new parts easy to get to a higher level.

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Various Artists It's Tech-House Music, Vol. 3

Various Artists

It's Tech-House Music, Vol. 3

VÖ-Datum: 22.04.2014
Label: ADSR Records

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