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Wolfgang Dorninger
Born in Linz 1960, live and works in Linz and readily elsewhere

DORN (which means "THORN" in english) is the name for the new late night project  of Wolfgang "Fadi" Dorninger. The centre point of his works is sound, regardless if he runs his Label base records, if he performs as a musician (DORN, Wipe out, Dorninger, etc.), as a Sound-designer, as Sound-artist or if he is Lector at the University of arts in Linz.
The relation to Houztekk was established when back in 1996 the Mastermind of Houztekk Maximilian M. listened to Dorninger's Music-performance for Friedrich Schiller's "Die Räuber" at the Linz based Phönix Theatre.

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Dorn Mund und Ohr gefesselt


Mund und Ohr gefesselt

Release date: 23.09.2011
Label: Houztekk
  • 12" Germany Excl.
    12" Germany Excl.
  • Electro
  • DADHZT006
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