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Dj Lopo



It began in 1988 knowing the acidhouse that played with his transformations up to 1996. With the 5 year-old permanence in the London Town he was spellbound from the varied modulations and manipulations of bass and drum given by the sonorities Jungle and Drum'n'Bass, the impact it was conclusive. Returned in Italy and give life to the project SLOW FEATURING autoproducendo a compilation electronics. In 2002 with BASSTATION produce an individual Of D'n'B on PLEX - RECORDINGS from the title "THE WAY". Always in the same year another individual goes out "Morning Chant" with the collaboration of Francesco Resta aka soul-r produced by Mano Calda Italian House music label, taken in the compilation of Roger Sanchez "release your self 2003". The 2004 Trip-Hop Live with dj set Of D'n'b to follow, in live playing in varied places with Eman (voice), Steve (drum), Fiorone (keyboard), Lopo (samples,scratch). 4 Track's you can her on MP3 player. In 2005 ended "ORANGE LUNCH" project with the collaboration of Nicola Gatti to the violin partly lounge-chill out music, during the summer promotion the CD had passed in the radios of ibiza. You can feel some tracks on MP3. Sound track for the performer Gianni Noli "The consequences of the fear" to the MAGIC MOMENT - PERFORMANCE Festival Minden (D). 2006 video start for djLopo that participates as producer of the video of the biennal exhibition "show of art conteporanea" of the project Angioletta Firpo in Alessandria. Following Link for info: http://freeweb.supereva.com/progettofirpo/index1.html?p Always in 2006 takes contacts with the Producer Stex owner of the label YOUNG ENERGY and collaborates for the next exit of the album "OFFICIAL PRIVILEGE 2007" that he/she sees how special guest 2 passages of Orange Lunch "Arefatto and Before Leave" for info: www.youngnrg.eu 2007 the product Orange Lunch likes and a' other passage, the "Tango" is considered, this time from MTV that it will pass in rotation TV with the video" Tango en 50mm" of Martin Crespo. To the moment djLopo with the colaborazione of Luigi Fiorone is making the video of the passage "Cloud" of the ARTELEGALE actors in the video Andrea Robbiano and Antonello Peddis.2008 the second album is completed "DINNER JUICE" it's the select name for this Aperitive sounds. Ramà the warm and sensual voice that to collaborated for the realization of the track FEELFLY of the album "Orange Lunch" it's the special track in Dinner Juice. May 15 th 2008 The presentation of the album to the isolashowroom Milan with the line of shoes and T-shirt BIO. the orgy of Andrea Verdura. 2009 MEET LABEL MIRALOOP. DjLopo in study with collaborators to MAKE music in order then in summer to go to promote them to Ibiza. "CHILLING IN THE BATHROOM" the new product of 5 track most of part realized with acoustic instruments guitar Enrico Inzerillo, bass Marco Degli Antoni, in the TRACK Bossarama exactly the voice of Rama'. also in the track Soft Soul samples of rama' and percussion played from DjLopo. In collaboration with Marco Cesa - AFTER THE SUNLIGTH 4 tracks house, (bass) Marco degli Antoni arrived in IBIZA SUMMER 2009 DjLopo begin to diffuse its music in the world and for all the island, thanks to the frequencies of IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO where sound frequently in the program chillout of Jose' Maria Ramon ?MUSIC PARA TU SOFA'" in wave every day from the 16,00 to the 17,00 su' www.ibizaglobalradio.com or 97.6FM if you are on the island, good THINGS also in SONICA RADIO IBIZA in the program of Andy Wilson from the 11,00 to the 12,00, while that the traCKs turned on played, DjLopo HAVE PLAYED to: SAVANNAH BEACH CLUB - S.ANTONIO, BLUE MARLIN - COVE JONDAL, HEAD DE FALCO'- SALINAS, CHILLOUT PORT - COVE TARIDA, PURE VIDA - S. EULARIA, DELANO BEACH CLUB - PLAYA DEN BOSSA.