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Dart Rayne



Andrey was born in 1989 in Kiev. 6 years old, he went to musical school, having ended it with distinction on a class ' a piano.
The Long-term hobby for electronic music has generated for him the refined musical taste...
Andrey has chosen from the all variety of musical styles for itself a Trance...
His Dj career has begun rather recently, however in this time Andrey has had time to receive dj skills, and the main thing-has mastered all necessary for a writing of own music, than he actively also is engaged.
Andrey is not limited only to a trance: he also writes in such styles as techno, tech-House, techno-trance, progressive etc... His musical talent and imagination allow him to create vigorous and unique sounding of his compositions, which distinctive feature are east motives and rigid techno bass.
His creativity has already been supported not by one star a world trance of a scene, also his tracks are not deprived by attention of the Various labels....
Starting point of his recognition by the world trance listeners and famous dj's was the creation of his track 'Try That', which recieved ? great support from popular dj's such as Kutski, A*S*Y*S* and others. Then went 'Crime Machine' and successful remixes, which also gained support.
Now his tracks are playing on the best dance stations of the world(BBC Radio 1, D.I. Fm) and he receives a great number of inquiries from all over the world as a remixer...
On Thursday, the 5th of February, on a popular Moscow radio station ElectropeopleFM Andrey's radio project has been started under the name HI-TECH PODCAST which displays all recent trends in the development of tech-trance.
As the DJ and produccer, he is imposed by progressive styles of a trance (a techno-trance and progressive trance, an elektro-trance).
The musical taste he wishes to prove that trans-this music not only the big raves: "Trans-this also club music which concedes nothing to other kinds of electronic music, but even in much them surpasses and can force you to fly up in portable and literal sense of this word!!!"
At the given stage there is a series of Andrey's performances not only in Kiev, but also in other cities of Ukraine for the purpose of propagation of qualitative and beautiful music.
"The modern DJ for me-it not simply person who mixes tracks... In our time it is already not enough! Besides the skill, the DJ should bear the unique sound, the idea, to be assured of an urgency of the creativity. After all, people wait from the DJ much bigger, than simply games on the decks ? ".

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