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Armin van Buuren



It all started in secondary school in the beginning of the 90's. Armin's big dance music inspirer in those days was dutch master Mixer Ben Liebrand. He bought himself two turntables, learned mixing quickly and soon began to create his own style. At the age of 16 Armin bought his first sampler, the Akai S-01. Although it was mono, he did everything with it that you could possibly imagine. The very first demo made was immediately included on a compilation. With the money he received from that deal Armin bought bigger and better equipment which resulted in his first vinyl release at the end of 1995.
Since 1995 Armin has released a lot of tracks on different labels with increasing success. The first big success was 'Blue Fear' on Cyber Records. This 'Euro trance blueprint' even made it into the UK Chart. On the same label he also released 'Communication' which caused serious damage on ibiza in the summer of 1999. This track was signed to AM:PM and entered the UK Chart at #18 in 2000!

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armin van buuren a state of trance (part 3)[soon back in]

armin van buuren

a state of trance (part 3)[soon back in]

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Label: armada
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