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dj subsonic



Biography - DJ SubSonic

DJ SubSonic, a name that today is an integral part of the techno scene. In the summer of 1997, Marco Pfenninger, born in Zurich, began presenting himself behind the turntables to the thrilled audience under the name DJ SubSonic. With resolute determination and relentless ambition, Marco succeeds in successfully securing a continual place in the highly competitive arena of Swiss DJs. A passion that continues today and will surely accompany him for many years to come.

In February of 2001, DJ SubSonic burst into the final of the "Ericsson Music Dance Award" put on for the first time by Ericsson in the category "Best Newcomer". His impressive placement in this contest determined exclusively by Swiss party-goers reflects both his popularity and the name he had made for himself.

So it comes as no surprise that DJ SubSonic has also been a regular presence at the Street Parade since 1999, one of the largest and likely most peaceful techno events in the world.

Along with his passion for djing, Marco has also enjoyed many years of success with his own productions. In his explosive start with the debut "Challenge", a joint project with DJ Indian, SubSonic transcended the borders of Switzerland with "Time Traveller". The Spanish label Tempogressive licensed the track exclusively for Spain and Andorra.

SubSonic?s first album also bears the name ?Time Traveller" and offers a sophisticated trip into the musical past with stops on his own tracks like "Devotion". Along with the impressive ranking on the Swiss DJ charts, Subsonic's "Devotion", alongside tracks from Tiësto and Paul van Dyk, made it to the Japanese Hit Compilation Velfare Cyber Trance.

In the years to follow, SubSonic could be seen at a wide variety of clubs and events in Europe like Bumbers (Spain), Mainstation, Nature One (Germany), Goliath, Motion, Futurescope, Oxa and many more. Following a creative break, he makes a successful return to the Swiss underground dance floors and wows the clubbers with his own new sound mix consisting of hardcore techno and groovy, off-key electronica.

In the fall of 2008, Marco takes on the Turning Wheel Rec label; a Swiss label, which is now making the move to the digital world following 25 successful releases. In the future, Marco will be spending more time in the studio and we can look forward to plenty of new cool releases.