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DJ EQ is a 31 year old dj/producer from Philadelphia. In 1995, after years of playing electric guitar, EQ got his first set of turntables and that, as they say, was that. Despite years of listening to a wide variety of music ranging from groups like ?The Orb? to the ambient indie sounds of ?The Verve?, from ?Pink Floyd? to punk bands like ?Fugazi? and from the hip hop sounds of ?N.W.A.? to the mid-west group ?311?, DJ EQ discovered the ever growing and amazing vibes and rhythms of ?club music?. For the next 5 years leading into 2000, EQ grew to greatly appreciate all forms of electronic music. Styles such as early jungle/drum and bass, techno, house, trance and breaks were all of great interest. Eventually, DJ EQ became known for his funky sets gradually upping the tempo and playing a mixture of funky breaks and house music.

DJ EQ lived in Glasgow, Scotland in 1998 and got a great introduction to how the flavors differed on the other side of the ?pond?. Spinning a few random gigs there proved to be quite influential and DJ EQ found himself working with guys heavy into the growing ?big beat? scene. Upon returning to the States, DJ EQ began practicing advanced turntable techniques ie. scratching, juggling, trick mixing etc. and before long was one of Philadelphia?s recognized ?Turntablists?. Around this time, EQ got himself an AKAI MPC 2000XL and started the journey down the production road. Utilizing a variety of techniques, DJ EQ?s first productions were along the lines of Q-Bert?s ?Wave Twisters? or DJ Revolution?s ?In 12?s We Trust?. Working with one of the country?s best scratch talents, DJ EQ produced a few works with KLEVER (Allies - 2000 and 2001 US DMC Champion), Big Wiz (Steelworkerz NYC) and his local crew Raw Skillz, DJ Obi 1, DJ Bizz and DJ Mouse.

Nearing 2005, musically, DJ EQ fasted for almost 3 years. No production and virtually no djing. It was a return to time where EQ simply liked to listen to music and nothing more. After basically, resetting the musical taste buds, in 2008 DJ EQ burst back into production and djing, modernizing his dormant studio and going headlong into the Disco/Funky/French/Filter House genre. Finding an amazing amount of soul and energy in the music, EQ has been literally enamored with the sound! Remembering why he was first so attracted to this bpm and style, DJ EQ has been feverishly working on music, instilling each song with his take on life, music and energy. The goal and motivation simply being to make funky jams that bring a smile and a soulful feeling to those who would listen!

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Various Artists

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