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David A. closer known as D-SEVEN was born in 1991 in the Polish city Ruda Slaska, located in the center of Upper Silesia considered contrary to the interests of music as a DJ music hardstyle capital. He is currently a producer music, as well as remixer DJ. From an early age it was interested in music club, but the biggest impression have on the wording of electro, which as yet very well-operated to set up their own production. His adventure with music, then a fledgling house in D-SEVEN began in 2005, its first production of "To Be Free," which was hit on August Polish music of several forums, which gives rise to temptation is to declare that SEVEN already gained fame as a few dozen not discos David became famous as a remixer remixem Ian Carey - Keep On Rising, this number appeared Many thanks for the great sets and it turned out to be another hit in Poland and now the foreign fora. Another of his major successes was the emergence on single GIORGIO SAINZ feat KM - Get Up On Your Feet. When I worked on SEVEN piece also wasted no time to extend his career and startedcooperation with a well-known in the Polish electronic music label 001 Records, founded by well-known to all formations WETFINGERS (DJ Adamus, Mafia Mike). In July 2008 he began co-operation with another Polish label "Sensitive Square Records". The biggest as if a breakthrough in the career "Seven" was in August 2008 years since DJ has received proposals for the legendary song remix Polish the team is not known only television which is KOMBII group. Remix has had the honor to be on Special Album KOMBII entitled "D.A.N.C.E" on his pieces. His young talent continues to grow, and all his fans are growing more development of D-SEVEN'a music. Of course it should be added that DJ biography and life does not reflect what actually creates a so listen to his music, found in his pieces original style of D-SEVEN