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Cytadela is one of the most important Polish new wave bands.
Such musicians as Sidney Polak (T-Love), Mikis Cupas and Marek Chrzanowski (Wolves), Marek Kanclerz (Gardenia), Maciek Wyrobek played in Cytadela.
At the turn of 80's and 90's of last century the band was known as the legend of polish underground stage. It is now experiencing the revival, after the release of the
album "Gdy Id? Przez Most".
This album, as well as the following two ("Królowa ?niegu"
2006, "RED SQL" 2009) were the results of efforts to transfer the new wave aesthetics into the twenty-first century.
Cytatela is different than the rest of the new wave bands - not as much deep into the gothic music tradition.

Present musicians of Cytadela:
Tom Wasy?yszyn - vocals and guitar. The frontman form the from beginning.
Tomasz Wrze?niowski, better known as Klaus, bassist at Migues & The Living Dead.
Dynowski Darek aka Dynia, a a legendary drummer known for such bands as TZN XENNA and Deuter.